Only hand-picked specialty coffees are placed in the basket. Look forward to freshly roasted vibes in your cup.


    Direct trade and roasting at origin. This means close relationships with producers and more added value in the producing country.


    We offset the CO2 that occurs during cultivation, roasting and transport. With Menschen für Menschen we plant trees in Ethiopia.

Produkt des Monats: Acaia Pearl

Die Acaia Pearl mit integrierter Smartphone-App macht jede Kaffeezubereitung zum exakten Brühvergnügen. Get the deal.

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We are Annan. We are many. As a collective, we collect orders across Europe every month, enabling producers to roast their coffee in the country of origin instead of selling it as raw material. So more money stays where it belongs, namely in the coffee country. For you, that means the freshest coffee from the farm in your cup.

Win Win for everyone.

Crowdshipping Subscription

1. We find the best coffee for you

All coffees are selected specialty coffees. This means that our coffees are of a special quality. Due to the high quality, such coffees achieve higher prices on the market and we can therefore pay farmers more. As a rule, we pay 2.5 times the FairTrade price. Our coffees are also handpicked and grown according to organic standards. Direct relationships between farmers and the roastery ensure that money really does reach the start of the value chain.

2. Roasting in Africa

Almost all coffees in the world leave the growing countries as raw material. Value creation in the form of roasting and packaging usually takes place in the country of consumption. Direct trade and roasting in the country of origin increases the money that stays in producing countries by 300-400% compared to the FairTrade price. Money that the communities in Africa need to prosper. Today, 90% of the coffee countries are still dependent on third-party funds.

3. Crowdshipping

Collective shipping is at the heart of Coffee Annan. Only together can we break up dusty supply chains. With a subscription, we can plan better and coordinate our coffee purchases. In this way we can guarantee fair prices for farmers and for you.

4. Your Impact

Thanks to you: More added value in the producing countries, more recognition, more freedom and more independence for Africa.
You liberate the coffee countries from colonial (supply) chains. You support climate projects by Menschen für Menschen in Ethiopia and make the cultivation, roasting, transport routes and shipping to your home climate-neutral.